Thanks for visiting Simply Ohana Co.’s site! ‘Ohana’ means family in Hawaiian, and that is simply what we are all about. Whether it’s healthy recipes, how-to floral design tutorials, or ideas for some family fun, this site is for you!


FOOD: “You are what you eat.” We know that what we eat affects the way we feel. This is why I create and share recipes that incorporate natural ingredients, are simple, and nothing short of delicious. Check out some of my most popular recipes, such as clean banana bread or surf snacks.

FLOWERS: Discover your inner floral designer! I am starting a series of how-to tutorials called Flowers 101. Check out my first post, how to make a basic lei.

FUN: Coming Soon!

Simply Ohana Co. was established in October 2014. With that being said, this blog continues to evolve every day. Thanks for joining me- many good things to come!


IMG_0006My name is Stephanie Thiel, creator and designer behind Simply Ohana Co. You have probably deduced that I live in Hawaii. I do live in Honolulu, and I love it. The local culture and environment truly inspire me and is a big source of inspiration for Simply Ohana Co. However, I have lived in Utah, New York City, Seattle, and even Seoul, South Korea for one year. It’s this collaboration of life experiences that shape and inspire the kind of posts I blog about.

I’m a home-cooked meal advocate. Exercise lover. Graphic design dabbler. Aspiring floral designer. And married to the best husband ever.


Thanks for joining me on this journey!



20 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your Dehydrator experiment portion! I use my dehydrator weekly and it’s fun to read about anthers person’s process! I look forward to looking through your blog some more! (Oh, and my husband is Hawaiian, so I have a special affinity for your page on top of the beautiful things you offer 😉 )

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  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and ‘liking’ my Creamy Mushroom Stroganoff. Thought I’d check yours out too, and it’s terrific! I love the way you have pictures of the stages of cooking. I might have to borrow that idea ;). Happy New Year!

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  3. Hi, thanks for popping to my site, it’s only a week in so lovely to see it’s of interest. I love this About page. You’ve got a great energy in your writing and clearly a love of life. I share that. I think we’re both lucky to have lots of sunshine and vitamin D – although not sure Gibraltar is as exotic as Honolulu 😉

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  4. Heyy! just wanted to say thank you for liking my blog post! I just scrolled through your blogs and saw the brownies…omg they look amazing so I will be trying them out soon!!

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  5. I lived just outside of Wahiawa for several years. Loved Wainai Beach. Would go there lots. Hope my memory spelling is accurate! 🙂 Miss Plumerias ~

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