Kimchi (김치) – fermented cabbage that is spicy and sour; a traditional Korean side dish;  traditionally stored in underground jars for months; smart food preservation dish

Some things are iconic to South Korea- Drama shows. Samsung. Psy & Gangnam style- Kimchi is no exception!

You can always find a jar of kimchi stored in my fridge. Sometimes I eat it raw as a side dish, but usually I use it when I cook Korean food. The great thing about Kimchi is that it can be stored for a very long time.

A word of caution about kimchi- it stains! Take extra precautions when working with this delicious culinary wonder.

You can buy kimchi at any Korean mart. They come in little jars, all the way to big bucket size.



7 thoughts on “Kimchi

    1. It can be used as a side dish with any korean meal- it is also used in many korean recipes, such as soups and stews. Sometimes Koreans will just have white rice for a meal with kimchi and other “pan chans” (side dishes)- hope that helps! 🙂 it is fermented so it is sour and is an acquired taste 😉 eat in small doses!

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    1. I don’t have a recipe, and in Korea there is not a recipe either. Koreans like to keep their recipes a secret and they don’t measure lol! I am sure there is one available online somewhere though! The show called “Kimchi Chronicles” is a great show about Korean food, and I think they show it being made!

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